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The wait is over and the judges have made their decision… The winners of this year’s Christmas Card Design Competition run by Oz Wildlife Studio are -

The Christmas Card Design Competition for 2013 is in full swing but your children still have lots of time to enter!

Children can you come up with a bold and colourful design which portrays the Christmas spirit in the 2013 Christmas Card Design Competition hosted by Oz Wildlife Studio?

Is it time to throw away our DSLR cameras? With the latest lenses for smart phones, iPhone photography just got a whole lot better.

Make a portable light tent using translucent binders you can easily pick up from your local newsagent.

On his 83rd Birthday on the 24th May 2013 the Robert Bateman Centre was opened in Victoria, British Columbia.

The 2013 Smithsonian Photo Contest is open to photographers over 18 years of age and you have until November 29th to submit an entry.

Are you a nature lover or wildlife artist? Are you constantly looking for new ideas and resources without having to worry about copyright issues?