As a wildlife artist and photographer I have been visiting Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for a few years now and for the very first time these Australian critters decided to come out and play!  Normally when I pass the enclosures of these two animals I see nothing but dark logs of wood or hidey holes which look promising but on closer inspection are empty of their inhabitants.  Not on this particular day and I was absolutely thrilled to see my very first ever Tasmanian Devils and Wombat out and about right before my eyes and most importantly my camera lense!

“Defensive Crouch” Tasmanian Devil, one of three sisters

“On the Defensive” Tasmanian Devil, very aggressive animals even among their siblings

“Lying in Wait” –   love the position of this little devil

“Tasmanian Devil Portrait” -  this is my favourite shot

As you know I am an animal lover but I have got to say that these animals are quite hard to love.  Many of you will disagree, I know, but they are ugly to look at and so aggressive and mean towards each other.  They don’t have many (any) endearing qualities that I could see but maybe I caught them on a bad day.  I spoke to one of the Rangers who happened to be there and he told me that it was quite unusual that they were out at this time of day and that they are sisters – all three of them.  Fortunately these three devil siblings are without the Devil Facial Tumour Disease which is sadly inflicting this species.  I am not going into this disease in this post but for more information please visit

The next elusive animal who graced me with his presence was the wombat.

“Wombat Patrol”

I was astounded to see this fat and stocky wombat out and about and was still recovering from seeing the Tasmanian devils.  What a treat to also see this iconic Australian animal as well on the same day!  He really blends in with the background and this fellow was happily patrolling his enclosure when he allowed me to capture him with my camera.  This has been a very special day for me and I may never ever see these animals again.

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